I have over 2 years of industry experience,

I have over 2 years of industry experience, and have been a part of web development projects for over 6 years.As a System Specialist I specialize in Solaris OS.


As a Web Developer I specialize in standards – PHP, based XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX & JQUERY web development. Each site I develop is built to be search engine friendly. To find out more about what I can do for you, check out my work below, or get ahold of me by either email or on Twitter.We Also Provide Free Service (ex: mobile domain, java bookmark..etc) Please  For Using Our Service..

 I’m currently residing Bhopal (India). I’ve been designing and developing websites since 2008, and I love what I do. I am also a System Specialist having expertise on Solaris OS. Work isn’t just a nine-to-five job for me—it’s a passion.


I M A Part Time Blogger, I M Designed Thousand Blog Templete For Blogger & WordPress Platform Blog. Templete Available On My Blog Hindi4tech. 

When I’m not working, I’m a listening music , working out, out for a movie with friends or back to my home with my parents. I Love dogs. I like good food , and also cook myself sometimes. My favorite book is Digital Fortress, my favorite film is The Matrix & Titenic, and I can’t begin to pick a favorite music, its a long list.


Want to know more about me and what I do Please Visit My Orkut, Facebook, Twitter Profile?


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